1. Customers can exchange the product for free within 07 days from the date of receiving the product.
2. Customers can exchange products of the same or higher price (Customers pay the difference in price if they exchange products with higher prices). Shipping costs (if any) will be borne by you.
3. The maximum number of product exchanges is 01 time.

Criteria when exchanging products:
1. The product when exchanged is still intact as it was originally purchased, with full receipts, boxes, and accompanying gifts (if any).
2. Gifts accompanying customers will be applied non-refundable.
3. Customers bear the shipping fee of 2$ for the time of exchange or change of product size


Refund conditions:
1. Buyer paid but did not receive the product
2. The product is defective or damaged in transit to you
3. Wrong product delivered to order (e.g. wrong size, wrong color…)
4 Refund when the customer receives the product within 7 days
5. The product is still intact as it was originally purchased, with all receipts, boxes, and accompanying gifts (if any).

Product return steps:
1. Contact the shop for confirmation
2. Customers do not lose shipping costs when returning products
3. All returned products are sent to the company’s address at the bottom of the page


The shop refunds the buyer when the shop confirms that the returned item has been received. The refund will be transferred to the customer’s bank card provided to the shop
Note: It is the customer’s responsibility to provide bank account information in order to receive the refund.