1. We provide customers with only 1 form of payment: SHIP COD

– Ship COD is a form of delivery to a new place to collect money. You can hold the goods and check the quality, then pay for the goods.
+ Customers order at the website
+ Our staff calls to confirm the address and order information
+ After 2-4 days, the post office will deliver to the customer’s address
+ If you agree to receive the goods, the postman will collect the goods from the customer.
+ If you refuse to receive the goods, the postman will return the goods to us (Customers do not have to pay for it.)
– All orders placed on our website will be free shipping in Malaysia

2. Payment Guidelines

– After you place an order and are confirmed by us, your order will be packed and shipped, all orders will be shipped for free and arrive in 2-4 days, our delivery department work both saturday and sunday
– When you receive the goods, you can check your goods and pay the delivery staff corresponding to the amount ordered.